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Pastas have gotten a bad reputation recently along with other carbohydrate-rich foods like rice and bread. Even though the noodles are known to be a source of carbs, they’re also a source fiber and protein if you choose the whole wheat options. When served as part of a well-rounded meal, pasta can be a healthy offering that helps fuel you for physical activity. Here are 7 recipes for any season that will tickle your taste buds!

  1. Pasta in Spicy Cream Sauce with Chicken

If you like spicy foods, then this recipe is for you! Serve this with a salad or roasted vegetables and you’ll have a balanced meal.

  1. Spring Orecchiette Pasta with Burrata

Pasta comes in many different shapes and sizes, and this refreshing recipe with spring vegetables uses orecchiette pasta which means “little ear” in Italian.

  1. Spring Vegetable Gnocchi

Gnocchi are dumpling-shaped pasta that are typically served in a heavy cream sauce. But this recipe makes it a lighter dish with plenty beautiful green asparagus and peas.

  1. Vegan Charred Asparagus Pasta Salad

Spring and summer means more time spent outdoors and grilling. Next time when the grill is fired up, throw some asparagus on it so you can make this pasta salad!

  1. Sonoma Chicken Pasta Salad Jars

Another pasta salad for those warm days ahead! You can either make the recipe and serve it in a bowl or make it school- or work-ready by packing it in jars as shown.

  1. Thai Chicken and Pumpkin Curry Pasta

Talk about a recipe with an unexpected combination of ingredients! Canned pumpkin creates a silky texture for the sauce without using cream and gives the dish a healthy boost of vitamin A and fiber.

  1. Squash Pasta with Sage Pesto

This recipe doesn’t contain any pasta noodles in the traditional sense but is still very satisfying thanks to three different kinds of veggies and a hearty pesto sauce.

What is your favorite way to enjoy pasta?