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Travel and holiday parties are common reasons that fitness gets neglected during the holiday season. We’ve checked in with the fitness experts to get their advice on staying active during this hectic time of year. Let’s take a look at their recommendations!

1. Marcel has a B.S. in Kinesiology, and a B.A. in Psychology from SJSU and is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine. Marcel is credentialed through TRX in suspension training and functional training. He has been teaching fitness for over 10 years and is the founder and owner of 3Fit gym in Northern California.

Teaching is definitely what gets him out of bed and excited in the morning. Marcel has been involved in sports activities all his life. However, it wasn’t until 2005 that he decided it was time to bring the amazing benefits of exercise to other individuals. Marcel was a top trainer in a large-scale gym but felt that just wasn’t enough to bring true positive life-change to his clients. In 2006, at the age of 23 he set off to start his own company while working towards his B.S. in Kinesiology (the study of human movement and biomechanics), and B.A. in Psychology. His dedicated efforts have helped bring fitness to many people from many different backgrounds. For him, it’s not just about the aesthetics of being in shape though; it’s about the vast improvements that boldly color all areas of a person’s life. From work relationships and general attitude, to self-confidence and happiness, the transformation that people undergo is uplifting and inspiring to be a part of. As he constantly reminds his clients, “Fitness is a way of life, not just a trip to the gym!”


Top tips:

  • Chew gum: It burns a few calories — and it keeps you from mindlessly grazing, especially when you’re cooking.
  • Squat to pick things up, for fun, or even use the edge of a counter or table to do more squats. It’s a great way to burn calories and tone your entire lower body.
  • Eat before going to parties: It’s hard to make good choices when your stomach is pulling you towards the cookies and glasses of wine.

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2. Lindsay is a NASM-certified personal trainer (CPT), and group personal training specialist (GPTS).  She owns MoveMore Fitness, a small group training company in Western North Carolina.  Lindsay has been working in the fitness industry for 8 years and loves helping clients achieve their goals.  She resides in North Carolina with her husband, Travis and three young children.


Top tip:  Find something you actually ENJOY doing!  You’ll be more likely to exercise throughout the holiday season if you look forward to your workouts.  Try Zumba or group fitness as they both offer a fun social aspect.

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3. Erica is a NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, former NCAA Division 1 rower, and DPT hopeful. She loves to powerlift, practice yoga, and play soccer.


Top tip: Set a new short-term activity goal. It may sound simple, but this tip is key: set an activity goal. This could be three workouts for the seven days you travel, or getting in 30 minutes each day you’d normally be working out. Whatever it is you have been working for, keep at it! You may have to adjust where your workouts are, what time they are, and what exercises you do, but this is the time of year to really step up and show just how hard (and how smart) you’re willing to work for what you want. Stay focused and use your goals as motivation to get your workouts in.

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4. Candace is an international yoga instructor certified though Tribe in Thailand, a YouTube partner, a healthy living blogger, and is currently writing her first book.


Top tip: Your own sanity is top priority – if that goes out the window, it won’t be an enjoyable holiday for anyone; so, think of your exercise routine as a business meeting with the boss. You wouldn’t cancel on the boss, right? Set an alarm on your phone, and don’t cancel on yourself.

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5. Julie is a former Emmy-winning local TV news Meteorologist who now blogs at Running in a Skirt.  She shares great fitness ideas, mouth-watering, yet simple healthy recipes, every-day fashion and adventurous travel on her site.  She lives in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC where she runs in a skirt!

Julie Wunder-238-1

Top tip: I’m a firm believer in scheduling your workouts, especially in this time of year.  Mark it in your calendar like a business appointment, otherwise other things will come up and you are more likely to skip it.  But do give yourself some grace during the beautiful season, one extra cookie or one missed workout will not ruin all your training.  Don’t forget to have a little fun too!

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6. Jen is a Precision Nutrition level 1 coach, NASM certified personal trainer, AAFA group fitness instructor, blogger and #girlboss behind the wellness company, Burpees for Breakfast Fitness. She strives to educate and inspire women to achieve a healthy life, through nutrition and fitness coaching, by equipping them with the tools they need to make smart choices that enhance their life.


Top tip: Making time for workouts during the holidays can be tough with the cold weather, shopping, and holiday parties. My advice is to schedule your daily sweat sessions and treat them like you would other events on your calendar. For me, if it’s scheduled, it’s more likely to happen.

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7. Sarah is a blogger at The Fit Cookie, ACSM CPT, Run-Fit Specialist, group fitness instructor, weight lifter and yoga lover living in Wyoming.


Top tip: My top tip for staying active during the holidays is (bonus if you can do this with a friend or family member!): Signing up for a race, event, or fitness challenge. This is a great way to stay motivated during the winter months when most people want to hibernate. Paying money to sign up for a race or event is a great incentive to keep moving, while participating in a fitness challenge provides group accountability. Both of these are even better when you can work on your goals with a friend, family member, or significant other. You can strengthen social bonds while staying active – win win!

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8. Ellyn is an ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor and Health Educator living in Upstate New York.  She is passionate about inspiring and empowering people of all ages to live healthier, more confident lives by making fitness fun and enjoyable.  She currently teaches high energy group strength training classes, and also runs a fitness and healthy lifestyle blog, In Fitness and In Health.  In addition to teaching classes and running her blog, Ellyn is also pursuing additional certifications in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition.  Her healthy lifestyle motto is “one healthy choice at a time” and she aims to make fitness accessible and enjoyable for everyone, particularly women, in order to help them live their best lives possible.


Top tip: Since the holidays are all about enjoying time with family and friends, get outside and be active WITH them.  Staying active over the holiday season doesn’t have to mean pumping iron at the gym every day.  Get your friends together for a game of football, take the kids outside for a snowball fight, or gather your family for a walk around the neighborhood.  Get the people you love to be active WITH you, and you might be surprised at how much easier it is to stay motivated.

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Special thanks to the fitness bloggers who contributed to this post. We couldn’t have done it without them!