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We are very happy and excited to announce our refreshed version of Calio.  Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about counting calories. It is also thinking about the food we eat and whether we are getting enough macro and micronutrients. Calio by iD is the first app that enables users to think differently.


We not only help you monitor your daily calories and exercises but also help you lead a balanced lifestyle by keeping an eye on your nutrition. Calio uses an intuitive voice technology to seamlessly integrate nutrition, fitness and weight management into your busy life! If you are ready to take control of your health and give yourself the balanced life you deserve, Calio is your new pocket companion. Calio makes it easy! Speak, type or scan a bar code, to log your food and activity, and let Calio track your macro and micronutrients so you can get on with your day.

Check out the app video here: Calio Video

Talk to Calio about your goals; let it log your food and exercises. Calio will send you daily healthy living tips and enable you see your progress. You will feel empowered to make wiser choices about managing your nutrition and health.

Here are some features you’ll LOVE:

  • Quick food and exercise entry via voice input
  • Add multiple foods in one go
  • Automatic exercise tracking from your iPhone’s activity tracker
  • Daily and weekly micro and macro nutrient balance tracking & summary
  • Extensive food database containing grocery items, restaurant menu items and homemade recipes
  • Nutrition focused lifestyle tips to enable a healthier “me”

 multi food add     Nutrients Summary     Nutrition lifestyle tips

And don’t worry, Calio will be regularly updated to bring even more value for your daily lifestyle.

Download the iOS app here: iTunes Download

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