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National Nutrition Month 2016

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? If not, now you do! It’s an annual effort by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to help Americans become healthier in their eating habits and improve their overall health and wellness. The 2016 theme set out by the academy is “Savor the flavor of eating right.” Of course, it’s up to you to dedicate yourself to the healthy lifestyle.

Eating right is not an easy task, and it is highly encouraged that you have family or close friends to take on the challenge with you. Of course, in a world of smartphones, it also helps to ensure you’re managing your daily nutrition/calories and exercise with a mobile application. Try our mobile application Calio by ID (download here), currently available for install on the iOS app store, and let us know what you think!

There are tons of resources online, dedicated to providing you healthy lifestyle ideas, from nutrition facts, to healthy recipes and exercise tips to squeeze into your busy schedule.

Here are some ideas to get involved with the National Nutrition Month (NNM) movement. For more ideas, click the link at the bottom for 36 ideas by Eat Right.

  • Plan a cooking demo or nutrition event at your work place. Invite a dietitian, restaurant chef or a student from the local culinary school to conduct a cooking demo combined with a brief nutrition presentation. Provide copies of recipes plus NNM brochures and measuring spoons or other cooking items from the NNM Catalog.
  • Conduct a series of healthy weight and fitness sessions at your workplace. Recruit a local fitness or yoga instructor to assist you.
  • For the children, contact the local library and schedule a story time, nutrition program or a poster coloring contest for kids. Provide activity sheets for children, Eat Right nutrition tip sheets for adults and NNM bookmarks for everyone.
  • As a family, commit to trying a new fruit or vegetable each week during National Nutrition Month®.
  • Plan to eat more meals together as a family during National Nutrition Month®.
  • Start a vegetable garden by planting seeds indoors or in the ground.
  • Take a trip to a farmers market or a local farm and learn more about how to maintain nutritional balance.
  • *Shameless plug* Again, download Calio, to help you live a nutritionally balanced, healthy and active lifestyle!

Source: Eat Right.